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FTB Direwolf

FTB Direwolf20 1.12.2 by CraftersLand



CraftersLand Community is more then 6 years old, we have multiple servers of Minecraft, we will provide you with good, quality minecraft servers so we can all have fun. The first FTB server we opened was Direwolf20 1.4.7, then we updated to 1.5.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.10 and now 1.10.2. Our server is here to last! Come and play.

Server Features:

Grief Prevention land claim system.
Economy - Server Shops, Market and Auctions.
Maps on RAM drive for faster chunk load.
Daily Backups.
Random Spawn.
Daily and Vote Rewards.
Clans and PvP.
Server Live map (Link on the server) .
Few items banned (Link on the server) .
Hosted in Data Center in Canada near USA border.
Dedicated Server Online 24/7.

server is great, but it lags often and my minecraft chrashes for no reason when exploring (IGN: ZackPlaysMC)
Posted 21st Oct 2018
A nice and friendly server. 10/10
IGN : Sazmaelus
Posted 17th Oct 2018
IGN Ohms_ fun server to play on with friends and good community
Posted 13th Oct 2018
(IGN): elgueimer21
The server is awesome, great community and great admins
Posted 27th Sep 2018
Joined the server totally awesome great community TheCrackedDragon
Posted 2nd Sep 2018
joined today very smooth game play. and friendly staff IGN: Tattoka
Posted 31st Aug 2018
Do not recommend playing on this server.
Even if community of this server is friendly doesn't mean the server is good.
Staff are kids from 11-19 years old who doesn't know what they are doing. Literally anybody can restart the server or cause the lag by overloading it.
Poor server, staff are not fixing anything just shit talking and explaining the rules that they don't even know about.
Posted 13th Jul 2018
The Best Sever I had played
Posted 6th Jun 2018
(IGN: ynnu96) I just started today on the Direwolf 1.12.2 server, its quite nice, no lag at all, very nice players and the server is nice organised.
Posted 4th Jun 2018
ShwafflerPOM - Recently came back to modded Minecraft and DW20. The Craftersland server has a good community and makes it easier to get started with early rewards and kits. If you want to play modded Minecraft and Craftersland has your desired modpack available then this is the server for you :).
Posted 22nd May 2018
nice server. play here long time on diferent game mode's

with regards SophieMarceau
Posted 30th Mar 2018
(IGN: sarge2swag) Great server with great people, easy to start. People are willing to help and very communicative. Loads of fun to play on.
Posted 3rd Mar 2018
This server is perfect with very little banned items and there is not that much lag but there is a glitch with refined storage that deletes your drives when the server restart ign:dean_zx
Posted 1st Mar 2018
Very good server, no lag, or someting leaked permission, quick staff response, few banned items(tnt/bypass protection) builder allowed on another dim.
Nickname : SuperHeal
Posted 17th Feb 2018
It's good to be back on this server, lots of things have changed, but it doesn't mean its bad; actually i'm glad to know that there's so many friendly people. So much fun things to do in this server. Usually servers are wacky and stuff, but this ain't, its pretty much stable. I ain't never trading this server for another one.
Miss Ya A Lot!!!
~IGN: Gammr_117
A.K.A: Kragenn
Old Staff Member: Judge
Posted 13th Feb 2018
Craftersland is a one of a kind server where everyone is welcome. It has a survival element with pvp enabled and plenty of different modpacks to choose from. There is always a staff member handy to help out, and the server is usually running smoothly. With great uptime and plenty of players, there’s always something to do on Craftersland.

IGN- MagBastrd
Posted 9th Feb 2018
Good server, good people, good admins, 0% lagg, no items ban (only tnt and poor items), i love this server, 100% recommended.
Posted 6th Feb 2018

Just started on this server and so far it is a satisfying experience.Had fun chatting with other players and staff resolved my issues quickly.
Posted 2nd Feb 2018