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Here, at Dwarvencraftmc, we provide everything you will ever need in Feed The Beast Unleashed.

We have our custom ranks system, for our ranks, we use AutoRank, but there are also Donator ranks. Donator ranks are really cheap (Starting at 5$!) and you gain a lot out of it such as: Custom kits, Custom Prefixes, Extra Commands and more! Furthermore, we also have other donation packages, such as: permission packages, item packages, In-Game Money and ClaimBlocks.


  • Dwarfling: Starting Rank.

  • Young Dwarf: After playing 30 minutes.

  • Regular Dwarf: After playing for 20 hours.

  • Senior Dwarf: After playing for 50 hours.

  • Wooden Dwarf: After Donating 5$.

  • Stone Dwarf: After Donating 10$.

  • Iron Dwarf: After Donating 20$.

  • Bronze Dwarf: After Donating 35$.

  • Golden Dwarf: After Donating 50$.

  • Diamond Dwarf: After Donating 100$.

The Banned Items are:

  • Trade-O-Mat (Crash)

  • Chunkloaders (Can be bought in the Donation Store)

  • Wrath Lamp & Igniter (Server Overload)

  • Industrial TNT (Grief)

  • Carminite Reactor(Grief)

  • Mystcraft (Server Overload)

  • Logistic Pipes(Crash)

  • Landmarks (Can be bought in the Donation Store)

The Restricted Items are:

  • Mining Turtles: Regular Dwarf (Grief)

  • Mining Laser: Regular Dwarf (Grief)

  • Matter Cannon: Regular Dwarf (Grief)

  • Builders Wand: Regular Dwarf (Grief)

  • Wand of Dislocation: Senior Dwarf (Grief)

  • Wand of Equal Trade: Stone Dwarf (Grief)

  • Wand of Excavation: Stone Dwarf (Grief)

  • Arcane Bore: Iron Dwarf (Grief)

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