This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Exile Tek is a Feed the Beast server running the Unleashed mod pack (be sure to enable all mods available). This server being built around fairness, equality and fun for all players! We aim to deliver a professionally run server with well moderated chat, active economy system and a friendly community for all players! We encourage grand builds and towns grouping together to work towards common goals.

We have several worlds available for mining and resource gathering: the Nether, the Twilight Forest, the End and the Resource World; this worlds reset every saturday around midnight. The exception to this rule is the Over-world, which is permanent and we encourage you to build your base in it.

No Hacking or Cheating - No Griefing or Stealing - No Advertising - No Disrespecting Players or Staff - No abusing bugs or exploits - Only English in global chat

In the interest of keeping the server lag free and ensuring all players enjoy the game free from griefing, we have elected to removed a few of the mods, and in cases restricting the use of certain items. A full list of this items and our reasons can be found in the website.

Banned Mods:
SoulShards - Xenos Reliquary - PortalGun - ThaumCraft - Wireless Redstone
Thaumic Thinkerers - Mystcraft - Advanced Solars

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