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Chillax MC 1.12.2


Chillax MC is a dedicated modpack community, only focused on currently 1.12.2 modpacks. Our main focus is to ensure smooth and enjoyable gameplay on all of our modpacks. All servers feature player markets, limited banned items, and smooth gameplay.

Chillax Organized Crime

  • OhGaming's OC Reboot!
  • Crime/PvP
  • Guns/Cars
  • Drugs/Automation

Chillax Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons

  • PvP/PvE
  • GriefDefender
  • Player Shops / Auction
  • Hybrid Keep Inventory (Mobs true, PvP false)
  • Custom plugins and fixes

Chillax Tekxit 3.14 PI

  • PvP/PvE
  • Towny/Wars
  • Auctions
  • Hybrid Keep Inv (Mobs true, PvP false)
  • Custom plugins / fixes

Chillax SkyFactory 4

  • Shops
  • Custom plugins / fixes

Chillax RLCraft

  • PvP Raiding (Factions)
  • Auctions
  • Hybrid Keep Inventory (Mobs true, PvP false)
  • Custom plugins fixes

Chillax Pixelmon

  • PvE (Gold Shovel)
  • Custom quests
  • Auctions
  • Keep Inventory On
  • Custom plugin fixes

Come chillax with us!

Its a small but completely non-toxic server thats just getting started and its doing it well! I've personally played all the packs to see how it handles them and they go really well, and the cooler part is that, Chillax has its OWN modpack, which i think deserves some love for that. Though i will say theres a few things here and there but you can interact through their Discord if you need help. Personally, I feel there could be more staff helping out or at least one per modpack server but the Owner is open to pretty much anything if you ask! Constantly new improvements, though a couple modpacks need some improvements over the others i suppose. Overall though, its a great, friendly community that loves playing with eachother and theres rarely if not ever a non-toxic person. So i would recommend at least trying Chillax out, considering it stands out from other servers.
Posted 15th Feb 2022