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Maniac Craft


Maniac Craft is a server that focuses on your enjoyment, the staff will help to the best of their abilities, if you have questions the staff team will answer it, the staff team is told to treat everyone with respect. If you enjoy selling things you find on your adventures, you will have no problem doing so with our global market plugin, allowing you to sell and buy items sold by others. Maniac Craft hopes you will enjoy your stay, see you on Maniac Craft.

It's a quiet server, I have run into other people's claimed area but I have yet to see someone on. Permissions are incomplete or stupidly set. I don't have access to /help or /spawn which is just totally stupid. I'm assuming that will be fixed eventually. I wanted to talk to an Admin or Moderator about it but I haven't seen one on and there currently is no way to contact them.

I can't remember the name of the mod they use to protect your area but it's the one with the gold shovel. I don't know if you gain claim blocks over time or if you can only buy them, I haven't tested that yet. You can buy them but I don't know how to get money. I didn't notice the vote option on here until today so I guess you get money that way.
Posted 2nd Aug 2016