This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Sanctum of Magic - Magic Farm 1.6.4


ModPack: Magic Farm 1.6.4
Rules: No PVP Inside Spawn Area buildings and No griefing
The server is open to join, but we request people make accounts on our forums (

Our server is a Magic Farm 1.6.4 Server, we have no added mods at this time. The server is currently up 24/7 with daily restarts and hourly saves. We are using grief prevention to assist players in being able to ensure they can build and obtain items without the worry of them being stolen. We currently have 32 player slots available on the server at any given time. Owners: Ragnia1980 and Ruyuna, Engineer: AfterLifeLochie

Our goal:
~We strive to give our players the best experience possible, with a dedicated server and staff who care about players and the server.
~We work to resolve issues not ban players.
~We enjoy running our server and making our players happy and don't plan on going anywhere.
~Full protection with Grief Prevention and Lockette.

~Experienced Staff and Owners
~Family friendly server with chat filters.
~PVE; Fight your way through mobs and find the perfect spot.
~Grief prevention to stop all the trolls from destroying your hard work.
~Block logging, if someone does manage to grief you they will be caught.
~Donation packs for quick access to cool features.
~TeamSpeak3 Server for talking to your friends and making new ones.

~Destroying what doesn't belong to you isn't tolerated.
~No stealing.
~Asking staff for administrator/op/privileges will get you muted.
~We support free-speech, don't abuse it.
~Laid back owners and admins so long as you follow the rules.

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