This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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MegaSmashed Direwolf20 FREE [Hard]


Welcome to MegaSmashed!

We are a fun free-to-play Direwolf20 Server with a hardcore economy & hard mode game setting.

Primarily PvE based with PvP-free building enviroment, grief prevention land claims and a well thought-out item restriction list to ensure what you build is safe and stays safe!

Hard economy settings mean you are not in for an easy free ride! Transport costs push the need for currency, so keep an eye on your coins and make trade when you can.

KitPvP Zone avaliable for those that wish to duke it out, challenge others or simply test your pvp abilities. Fully automated with inventory swapping and pre-made kits - have a blast slaughtering your friends or even challenging our Resident Gladiator!

New members gain a Starter Kit with generous gifts to ensure your first few nights are not too overwhelming!

Come join our ever-growing community, and find the challenge that awaits you!

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