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★ i7 8700 CPU
★ 64 GB RAM
★ NvmeSSD
★ Location: Helsinki/ Finland
★ Dankest Memes
★ IP:


★ ProjectOzone3 IP:
➤ Version: 3.0.38
★ Stoneblock2 IP:
➤ Version: 1.5.0
★ FTB Ultimate IP: Coming Soon
➤ Version: Coming Soon

About Us

We're offering an amazing server experience with our extremely friendly staff members and stable servers. We are here to build a big modded Minecraft community and our goal is to be different from the other servers and keep the banned items as less as possible and take care of our players opinion, come join us and share your dankest memes with us, we're expecting you all!

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I approve this message, and I approve this server.
Great community, helpful staff, nice stable server. Updates are great, and neat feature most servers do not have. Best community I have been apart of in years.
The server replied:
Thanks a lot mate, we're happy to hear it! :)
Posted 13th Feb 2019
I've been playing Minecraft since beta and i've played in too many different servers but however i can easily say this is the best server i have played.. why? Because the community and staff are amazing, they are friendly and equal to everyone and from what i see they are working really hard to give their users the best experience, just today the whole staff team did not sleep for straight 2 days to fix some issues the server had because of someone with bad habit, i'm pretty sure their hard work will make this server ever better in the future, i recommend this server, the best so far!
The server replied:
Hey mate, thanks for your beautiful comment! Those stuff makes us stronger, we'll keep the hard work :)
Posted 13th Feb 2019
nice and friendly community with nice server team
The server replied:
And yet we are using only 3% of our power *behind the scenes, shaggy*
Posted 30th Jan 2019
Friendly server, i really loved it
The server replied:
Thanks for your review, we are so glad that you're enjoying the community, have fun! :)
Posted 30th Jan 2019