This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Our Feed The Beast Ultimate Server IP is

To apply for our white-list please email me at

As of now we have 3 admins and one owner. The owner is mrsal511. And the 3 admins are Ninjasam123, thekidpaul999, and michael1_rocks. We are not accepting applications for staff, but if we see you are a good member of the community we may consider you for a Moderator position.

As with any server we have 3 main rules. They are 1) Do NOT Grief 2) Do not Steal and 3) Do not Hack/Cheat

As well we have other rules to make it a more family friendly oriented server.

  1. All speech on the server must be G-PG rated. This means: No swearing, no racism, no sexism, no hate talk etc.
  2. No free Tp's without a good reason
  3. Admins will not spawn you items/blocks
  4. No disrespect
  5. No Chat spam
  6. No un-consented PVP
  7. No discord
  8. No abuse

The Server is in half beta. What I mean by this is: We should not be resetting the map (Unless game breaking mods get added), but plugins and certain mods may get added, removed, enabled, or disabled. We will not force you to download any extra mods to join our game.

This is a survival server. Not creative, and not a special game mode. It's up to you to find resources or you can trade with others. We love to feature your creations so building is welcomed.

The difficulty setting of the server is set to Normal.

We also love to host server wide events every once in a while. Everyone's welcome and we try to encourage the use of FTB items in the events.

In the future we plan to upgrade server specifications. Right now it's got 2.0GB of ram. And we set the max player limit to 12 players for now. The server holds up very well with 7-8 people online. It's untested with 12 players online at one time.

As of now the only disabled item is Chicken Chunks - ChunkLoader. You can still use other mods versions of a chunk loader. We may also disable EE3 depending on if it breaks the game or not. At the moment we are leaning 70% towards not disabling it.

Lava spread should be turned off. We haven't had the chance yet to test this with a Citizen ranked person.

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