This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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[Owner:] King_EnErD_23

[Co~Owner:] MrBucks65

[Head-Admin:] (Vacant)

[Admins:] Halo37311

[Head-Mod:] rct1414

[Moderators:] (Vacant)

[V.I.P.] Dirk_Bosh

[Masters:] Dirk_Bosh41


iConomy - Money System

Essentials ~ Basic commands for Minecraft Server.

MobArena ~ Killing Mobs for Rewards.

LWC ~ Chest Protection Plugin.

Votifier ~ Vote for the server on Websites for rewards.

Factions ~ Plugin for friends to protect themselves.

WorldEdit ~ Make Land for building and ETC.

WorldGuard ~ Protects certain Regions.

mcMMO ~ Stats for skills in Minecraft like Mining and way more!

JailLikeHell ~ Jailing Plugin for bad server users, Like disrespecting the rules.

CoreProtect ~ See if players were breaking rules.

Colors ~ Plugin for Minecraft colors in chat and groups.

                                       TON MORE MODS!

                         NerdCraft PvP:

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PvP Survival Server:
Creative Server: Coming Soon!
HARD-CORE: Coming Soon!


Create , build , share...
NerdCraft Server rules:

  1. Respect all players and staff of the server
  2. Don't use mods or hacked clients*
  3. Don't use XRAY texture packs or hacks
  5. Don't abuse glitches , cheats , or anything that can be used for personal or group gain
  6. Don't curse
  7. Don't spam anything
  8. Don't back talk staff
  9. The staff's word is the staff's word.
  10. Don't argue with staff
  11. Don't use full caps or partial caps text
  12. Don't advertise anything
  13. Don't beg for OP , items , survival gamemode , rank promotion , TP , or anything.
  14. Griefing and PVP are ALLOWED
  15. Don't lie to staff
  16. Don't bitch
  17. No multiple accounts

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