This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Innovative Gaming Network - FTB Mage Quest


Innovative Gaming Network is a newer community of Minecraft users who are wanting to create a series of servers for multiple games that allow the users to release their inner creativity, and provide motivation and innovation that will make the community stand out from the rest.

We see ourselves running multiple servers, all running the same plugins, which are: Towny, iConomy, Essentials, CombatLog, ChestShop and many more.

Each server is run on a player-based economy, meaning that you, the players get to pick how the ingame economy runs, but at costs of running your own towns, paying taxes and looking after each other in terms of alliances, enemies and war.

Our FTB Mage Quest server has been set up to keep as little items and mods banned and disabled as we possibly can, mainly because we know how much banned items can distract us or make us feel unsettled by not being able to use a specific item.

Banned/Restricted Items (Subject to change - working on fixes)

  • B:[Thaumcraft] Wand Focus: Frost (Towny Bypass)
  • R:[Thaumcraft] Wand Focus: Fire (PVP Bypass)
  • R:[BloodMagic] Bound Tools:all (Towny Bypass)

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