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Mercury Craft small TPPI Server


So my friends and I managed to set up a small 16-slot TPPI 0.3.0 Server (might be upgraded when needed). The server ist hosted on in Franktfurt, Germany. We are still working on minor things and issues but you can already join us. Remeber that modpack and server are in beta so dont expect everything to run 100% fine, but maybe 90% :D We use GregTech configs as well as other configs on hard. We got a farmworld that gets reset when needed, also nether end and twighlight forrest will be reset.

Check out the official FTB Forum Thread !

Plugins for Users

  • Towny
  • Essentials
  • Chestshop


  • Mining Laser
  • Dynamite, Nuke
  • Varja
  • Excavation Focus
  • Advanced Genetics (until testing has been done)
  • Galgadorian Drill
  • all Chunkloaders (personal anchors will be enbaled when the server passes stress tests)
  • Wireless Modems (due to beeing able to overtake other peoples Trutles etc.)
  • Mystcraft
  • Spamr-Launcher
  • Morph Abilities (you can still morph into an animal for appearence and size but dont get the mobs abilities eg. like bat-flymode)
  • Portal Gun
  • Radio
  • Portal to the Deep Dark
  • Wooden Leg
  • Ancient Staff
  • Ars Magica Time Changing Spell (you will still be able to proceede in each talent tree
    (list may change in the future)
    we will probide a posibility for users to craft items that require a banned item eg. the IC2 Pattern Provider requires a mining laser. just ask a member of staff

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