This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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GF Gaming presents: FTB Monster


Server: FTB Monster v1.1.1 Release
Server IP:
Dynmap: http://7192.99.7.6:8124/

If you have ever asked yourself, "What's the point of building the ultimate deathtrap fortress to guard my stuff, when there is no one to challenge it?" or "Ok... I've survived survival, now what?" then this server is perfect for you--- And no, it doesn't mean that someone is going to come and blow up your house. But this is not a nanny-server-- Creepers gonna creep, nukes gonna nuke, and gankers gonna gank.*

*Don't worry, there are some rules in place to give n00bs a chance, and your house will not be destroyed--so long as you've protected it with Towny!

To Join, follow the instructions on our forums

  • Gameplay:

    • PvP anywhere, except certain areas and Towns.
    • Banned Items are limited to exploitable/buggy mods.
    • Unique Core Defense gameplay that lets you build the ultimate fortress
      and defend your nations core from attackers!
  • Anti-Grief:

    • Towny (Create and grow your very own Town!)
    • LWC (A long-trusted plugin that protects all of your chests and machines!)
    • Prism (Our server is protected by the most powerful logging and restoration
      plugin available!)
  • Community:
    • Excellent Enjin Community!
    • Staff is always willing to help!

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