This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Tenno (Custom modpack)


Tenno is a FTB 1.7.10 custom modpack

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The server IP is pre added to the multiplayer list.

Mod List:

AppliedEnergistics, ArmorStatusHUD, AdvancedMachines, AdvancedSolarPanels, BiblioCraft, BiblioWoods[BOP], BiomesO'Plenty, BloodMagic, Botania, BuildCraft, BuildCraft Additions, CarpentersBlocks, Chisel, CompactSolars, EnderIO, EnderStorage, ExtraCells, ExtraUtilities, Factorization, Forestry, GraviSuite, HarvestCraft, IndustrialCraft, InventoryTweaks, IronChests, JABBA, Natura, NotEnoughItems, OpenComputers, ProjectRed, RailCraft, RemoteIO, StatusEffectHUD, TinkersConstruct, TubeStuff, TwilightForest, Voxel/Zan MiniMap, Waila,

The server has adult admins and claims to protect against grief. No griefing, no raiding, no pvp, no swearing, no spamming, no offensive language, etc. Behave and have fun :)

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