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[2.6.0] Atlantis


Welcome to the sunken city of Atlantis!
On this brand new server we play FTB Infinity on Expert mode (v2.6.0!); are you up for a challenge?
Already, there is a small and tight community present, kept in check by a dedicated staff.

This server offers you:

  • PvE
  • Grief prevention
  • Friendly community
  • Active staff
  • Voting rewards

Our rules:

  • No griefing or stealing.
  • No cursing, discrimination, harassment, sexual remarks, etc.
  • Treat each other with respect.
  • No discussions about politics or religion.
  • No advertising.
  • Don’t cheat (hacking, exploit bugs/glitches, duping, etc.)
  • No PvP.
  • English in main chat, other languages can be used in PMs and local chat.
  • No traps, other contraptions/machines or actions that could hurt other players.
  • Don’t change the weather.
  • Don’t build within 100 blocks of another player without their permission.
  • Don’t beg for items or a rank.

We will add more things in the future and want your suggestions. See you on Atlantis!

best sever ever it so much fun and challenging really recommend it so much fun come join version 2.6.0
The server replied:
Thanks for the kind words :)
Posted 23rd Jun 2017