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KullGames - All The Mods 9


Join the Adventure on KullGames - ATM9 Server!

All players have /enchant, /heal and access to lots of free stuff at spawn to help bypass early game. Earn money, ranks and access to extra commands through voting.

Feel free to join and come play some ATM9 with all of us on the KullGames servers!

Discord Invite:

Civility Required: Maintain respectfulness, or find another place to play.
No Griefing: Respect others' claims and play fair.
Server Respect: Do not intentionally cause lag or disrupt server operations.

Kull's Gaming is a crappy server with a small group of friends that band up on new players coming in to play they are inconsiderate and rude. DO NOT JOIN UNLESS YOU WANT BANNED HALFWAY THROUGH THE MODPACK. I warn you lol. 10/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND LISTEN TO ME.
The server replied:
Lol, don't come back. We banned you for harassing mods and admins in discord. So yeah, as advertised, if you don't read the rules and follow them you will be banned. 10/10 perfect representation of our server with this review.
Posted 23rd Feb 2024