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DeathTopia FTB Server

DeathTopia FTB Server


You Will need The FTB Launcher To Access The Server:
If You Got Problems With The Launcher From The Offical Site Please Try
This Is The Launcher I Use So I Can Guarantee That It Works!

-The Mod Pack You Will Need To Use Is:
"FTB Presents Direwolf20 (v1.10.0) Minecraft version 1.7.10"

Offical Server Rules:
[1] No Griefing Other PPl Creations, This Includes Stealing Items From Other Players!
[2] No Hacks/Mods/X-Ray/Flight!
[3] No SPAM/Advertising/CAPS/Offensive Chat!
[4] NO PVP, PvP Is Activated souly becuz of Events!
[5] No Offensive Builds/Symbols/pixelart!
[6] Dont Advertise Other Servers!
[7] Replant The Items You Take From The Village!
[8] Do Not Mine Aggressively At Main World!
[9] Onely Mine At The Mineral World. Build Onely In Main World!
On Hacks/Mods/X-Ray suspicion SS(Screen Share) Might Be Required!!
Failure To SS Will Get You Blacklisted!
This includes Quiting server and client crash. This Will Be Seen As SS Refusal!
More Info, Punishment And Rules On The Forums***

Yes This FTB Server Is Running Bukkit. Not The Onely One Im Sure, But One Of The Few.

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