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Nexus Community MC

Nexus Community MC


We're a small and new whitelisted community of modded Minecraft enthusiasts! Come join us at

We have no banned items, giving you full choice over what you want to do with your modded Minecraft experience!

Our rules:

Use common sense. This is the most important rule.

We don't have banned items, however, do not abuse that, otherwise we'll have to start enforcing some rules on this.

Caps and swearing are absolutely fine, but do reference rule one. Don't spam us with full caps all the time.

No duping items or hacking. We get that modded Minecraft can be buggy and dupes can happen, if you've reached end-level Thaumcraft in less than a day, something may be up. Please report any issues to us.

Any machines intended to lag the server are bannable.

PvP is enabled, but don't kill somebody unless they're fine with it.

If you're interested in applying for our whitelist, you can apply here

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