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small server wanting more players


Hi all,

As stated in the topic, we have a funded server hosted on the nitro network, which until now has been the private domain on a small group of friends.

We have just started a new mod pack " Infinity Evolved" from the FTB Launcher.
It is a whitelisted server and we are all UK based. This does not exclude players from other regions from asking to join. Just letting you know our location and when we play.

We would like to invite a small group of like minded sensible players to join and enjoy.

Although the server is available 24/7 we only get time to play a few times a week for a few hours each, so it wont be a really active server, but that wont stop you playing as often or as little as your would like.

We have added no other mods than the base pack. So we hope that any players will be sensible in their gameplay.

Treat this server like you would want your own server treated....

We don't grief
We don't steal
We don't destroy each others creations/houses

I am open to youtube users who want a fairly quiet server in which to create a series, and open to new players who want to learn how to use mods and open to experienced players who would like to have a fresh place to play.

While not a requirement, it would be great for those interested to let us know who you are and a little about you, what you might be planning to do on the server, or just to experiment, if you are proficient in a particular mod or just some interesting things about you. planning on opening a teamspeak server if people would be interested in this let know.

Thanks in advance.


How do i become whitelisted??
Posted 20th Oct 2016