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Monster - From The Emerald Gaming Network


Welcome to the Emerald Gaming Network!
E.G.N is a new gaming network, started by a group of staff that came from other minecraft servers, to form the kind of server that we all wanted to play on. We only use Dedicated servers, that run unix, to host our games on. We are a tight-knit community that has been together for a long time and are experienced and helpful.

We hold special events like Building Competitions, pvp challenge, and treasure hunts , with special rewards for those that compete!

We are always updating and adding new features, and player feedback is what drives us, most major changes are voted on by the players. Any new servers will be voted on also so you get to be a part of our community all the way.

Also we have a unique method of dealing with staff:
All staff members get in game perks for donating their time to helping but Supermods and Admins each receive a percentage of donations above server costs and advertising costs so they have a stake in the server, they have a reason to help you out and be nice, vs the sour staff from other servers.

The Monster server is a PVP server but we use the MyTown Mod to allow you to buy a safe area where you can build and not be bothered. So pvp is easily avoidable.

Almost no banned items:
The only items that are banned are items that crash the server or can be used to Dupe / or exploit in some way.


We offer a teamspeak server for you and your friends if that is your thing.
We have a fully integrated enjin website and active forums.
Friendly, knowledgeable, and Mature staff.
Autorank, the longer you play with us the more cool stuff you can do. Getting more home points, using the /feed command, and even being able to access your /enderchest with just a command. No donations required, unlike most servers)
Player Towns and Nations
A fun, Stable, Lag free server :)
Fully player driven economy.
Ability to earn everything a donator can get!

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