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This is Endless Ultimate this is going to be a server that is recruiting people to join and will be white-listed. Which probably leaves you wondering well how do I get into the server? Well that is easy all you have to do is answer these simple questions in a comment!

This server has no items that are banned and is for players that want to play legitimately only! We will not hold back with the ban hammer when people want to cheat, hack, or dupe items into the game.


  1. No Griefing! Period. There is no excuse for it.
  2. No Hacked Client Use. Cheating is bad, and ruins the game for yourself and everyone else.
  3. No Harrasing Other Players. Be respectful.
  4. No Item Duplication. See number 2.
  5. No Foul Language. Kids play here too, so keep it PG13.
  6. And please keep PVP to a minimum.



How long have you been playing Minecraft?:

Have you ever played FTB Ultimate before?:

What can you contribute to our server?:

What is your favorite FTB Ultimate Mod, and why?:

Oh no! you've been griefed. What do you do?:

What timezone do you live in? GMT -/+ please:

Were you referred by a current Endless Ultimate member?:

What is the reason for you joining this server?:

And How old are you?:

Special Notes:

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