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A small community server hoping to provide a service that hardly any other servers do for example,

-Map Never changes unless there is a major update which will cause map to become corrupt. -No banned items for the time being, if we see anyone using items incorrectly or abusing them then we may have to to ensure griefing does no occur. -We would like players to create their own ages but there are limits to one age per player due to some stability issues with the server. Those are a few of the things we try our best to provide and to make sure players can enjoy all the mods and not have all the fun banned.

IMPORTANT!!! You must enable the following mods before joining this server, -Blood Magic -EnderNet -LycaniteMobs -MeteorCraft -SpecialMobs -Thaumic Tinkerer

Also note the server has 2 names -FanatitaniumCraft -RapidCraft This is due to an ip change as we once had as the IP but as it was inactive for a while after the last server it was claimed my someone else so we went for because its all i could think of at the time and i think it sounds cool. Thank you if you read all this

[Owner] rapidfanatics

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