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Games4Everybody RPG Mashup!

Games4Everybody RPG

Games4Everybody RPG

A thrilling Minecraft modpack with a focus on challenging enemies, diverse biomes, powerful weapons, enchantments, leveling, coins economy, questing, and intense monster combat. Players face cool adversaries, choosing from an array of weapons with unique abilities and enchantments.
Exploration takes them through varied landscapes, gathering resources and treasures. Enchantments enhance gear, unlocking potent magical effects. Progression involves earning experience, unlocking new abilities, and leveling up for added strength.
A coin-based economy rewards players for completing quests, trading, and achievements. Engaging in immersive questing through a dedicated questbook uncovers secrets and stories, offering rewards and unlocking further quests.
The modpack's heart lies in thrilling monster mashing, facing tons of enemies, dungeons, and epic boss battles. Mastering combat and strategic enchantment use becomes key in conquering formidable foes.

Its the first Rad Server im playing on, and so far its great. 10/10
Posted 5th Feb 2023
One of the best rad servers i have ever played on. The server owner is very Attentive and cares about every player and makes sure everyone have a good Experience for everyone
Posted 20th Jan 2023
I was looking for a fun modded server to play with my friends and I had such an awesome time hopping on the @Games4Everybody Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons one! The community, smooth server functionality, creative custom plugins and mods really set this one apart from any other modded server i've experienced. Kudos! I look forward to letting my friends know all about it. Don't miss out! It is such a BLAST!
Posted 15th Jan 2023
This is the best Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons server I have ever played on! I am really surprised I havent seen any other reviews. The server offers so many things and runs so smoothly. I really like how kind and helpful everyone is, the server shop, the ways to make in game money, the custom quests, and everything! If you love games like World of Warcraft, Runescape, Diablo, or other similar games, you'll be so happy to hop on in this server and set on another awesome adventure! It is so apparent how much love and care is put into this project from the moment you login. <3
Posted 25th Dec 2022