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Games4Everybody RAD


This is the best Modded Minecraft : Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons Server around! Here's only some of the amazing features:

  • Server specific in game auction house
  • Server shop (Modded Items Included!)
  • Dynmap (Live Map of server you can use on your browser)
  • Kits and Ranks!
  • Custom quests and rewards, wonderful welcoming community, fresh new server started Dec. 9th this year!,
  • Real world cash purchases on the server website
  • 8GB RAM allocated
  • Smooth server with ClearLag that provides the optimal experience
  • Very Present server owner :) - djg0704
  • Monthly Events!

and more!

We want you to hop on in and check out all we have to offer


Server IP:

One of the best rad servers i have ever played on. The server owner is very Attentive and cares about every player and makes sure everyone have a good Experience for everyone
Posted 20th Jan 2023
I was looking for a fun modded server to play with my friends and I had such an awesome time hopping on the @Games4Everybody Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons one! The community, smooth server functionality, creative custom plugins and mods really set this one apart from any other modded server i've experienced. Kudos! I look forward to letting my friends know all about it. Don't miss out! It is such a BLAST!
Posted 15th Jan 2023
This is the best Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons server I have ever played on! I am really surprised I havent seen any other reviews. The server offers so many things and runs so smoothly. I really like how kind and helpful everyone is, the server shop, the ways to make in game money, the custom quests, and everything! If you love games like World of Warcraft, Runescape, Diablo, or other similar games, you'll be so happy to hop on in this server and set on another awesome adventure! It is so apparent how much love and care is put into this project from the moment you login. <3
Posted 25th Dec 2022