This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Quarry World
Mob Arena
Multiple Worlds

FTB Untamed

About The Server



This server is running on FTB Ultimate v1.1.2 modpack

We Use The Best Technology To Provide You With A Great
Gaming Experience,This Means We Work Hard So There Is NO Lag.

Dedicated RAM 32GB

Hard Drive 1TB

Great Staff


Player is the most valuable person on our server, we are doing our best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.The gameplay Is Mainly Focused On Survival And Trade, since I want players to unite into groups, We Have Added Shop Zones Were People Can Build There Very Own Shops and so people can interacted in a close environment. We have GriefPrevention plugin installed, so you dont have to worry about any grief, but if it occurs, we will restore everything and punish the delinquent.

PVP is disabled But Is Only Enabled In The PVP Arena And Twilight Forest.
Difficulty is Normal.

Banned Items

-Chunk Loaders: CPU usage, may lead to lag in the future

-Gravity Gun: Griefing tool.

-Portal Gun: Griefing tool.

-Mining Laser: Griefing tool.

-Wand Of Excavation: Griefing tool.

-Arcane Bore: Drains all vis from the nodes.

-TNT and Nukes: Of course placement only.

-All Anchors: Lag

-All Turtles: Lag/Griefing Tool


Our only Rules Are To Respect All Staff And Players. Any Hackers will Be Punished.

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