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High-Tech A Sky 2 Official Server


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We can offer you:

  • Dedicated servers with 24/7 uptime*.
  • ModPack Updates every Wednesday
  • No Banned Items
  • Almost no lag!
  • Friendly Active Staff
  • Island protection with Griefprevention and FTB Utilities.
  • Full discord communication.(Ranks are handed out by the Co-Owner or Owner of the Discord)
  • 100% Funding through donations from members. All donations go towards server monthly bill.

Servers may be down for general maintenance or general intervention, we cannot guarantee 100% uptime as no modded server could.

Hey all! Fenris here!
IGN: Fenris_R

I love this Server, Custom Map fast and friendly staff. If you need any help someone is always ready and willing to assist. No lag issue at all I recommend this map to anyone looking to have some fun in the Sky :)
Posted 5th Aug 2017