This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Innovative Gaming - TestPackPleaseIgnore (TPPI)


Welcome to the Innovative Gaming Network's TestPackPleaseIgnore (TPPI) server!


We are a new server focusing towards PVP and a PBE (Player-Based Economy), we aim to help make the community worthwhile and enjoyable for everyone who visits, ensuring they get continuous help from staff and other players, but players within the first 48 hours will have high priority for being helped. We aim to make the server faster and able to hold a wider variety of people, ensuring it will become a lag-free environment for all members of the community throughout the world.


Rule 1: No Spamming of chat.
Admins, Moderators have the right to mute you if you spam the chat.
also try not to speak in all caps it is not encouraged and can send the wrong message.

Rule 2: Respect the Staff.
They are there to give you a helping hand an make your server experience better. Please note that if they are not respecting you back, then contact an ADMIN or higher and send the name of the staff member and what they did.

Rule 3: Do not Grief inside and around Towny claims.
If you are caught griefing inside or around Towny you will be tempbanned for 1 day and given a warning you will be given 2 ingame warnings before being tempbanned. Three temp bans and the fourth is a permaban until you either plead for forgiveness or we restart the map. Extra note tempbans will increase in length with every ban

Rule 4: No swearing.
Family friendly server, so please, don't swear, as it is a mute-able offence.

Rule 5: Do not use any hacking mods like xray.
We have ways of finding out if you are or not so don't try to get away from it. Hacking is not fun and is unfair for everyone else on the server who actually want to play legit.

Note: If you have any concerns about the rules and or the staff feel free to send mail to ADMINS and higher to let us know.

Restricted/Banned Items/Mods

MystCraft: - Descriptive Books [Restricted to Donators]

  • Link Modifier (Disarm Option) [Disabled:N/A]
    Ars Magica 2: - Disarm Spell [Disabled:N/A]
    ComputerCraft [Restricted to Donators]


Owner: alexmindstorm

Co-Owner(s): Wolfite, ShadowTayzerr, auramaster13

Disciplinary Committee Chairman: Fatrabbit

Senior Administrator: (Positions available.)

Administrator: (Positions available.)

Junior Administrator: (Positions available.)

Senior Moderator: (Position available.)

Moderator: (Positions available.)

Trial Moderator: (Positions available.)

Noteable Plugins

  • Towny
  • Essentials
  • PVPLogger
  • HawkEye
  • MCBans
  • So many more!

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