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[IGG] Independent Gaming Group


Since the beginning, Minecraft has always been part of IGG. Earlier versions didn’t seem to sustain themselves, and didn’t last for long. We have gone around and change that! We opened our doors 01-7-2014, to a Minecraft server like never seen before. Compared to our predecessor’s versions, that seemed to only host survival. We now have a fully functioning FTB – PVP,- Server up and running. With are active staff members, and our great community, we welcome players of any kind, so feel free to join.

Rules :

PvP is allowed in the wild/at peoples houses but not at spawn/warps
The admins decide on what does and doesn’t break a rule within reason
No griefing (Landscape included)
Spamming is not allowed
Excessive swearing is not allowed.
Racism or Sexism is not allowed.
Respect the staff.
Fly-hacking is not allowed.
X-ray is not allowed.
No other hacks/mods which give an unfair advantage
1 Quarry per person and Quarries/Mining turtle mines etc. must be covered by blocks if they are on the surface and they are not being used. An attempt to stop water flowing into quarries should also be made if the quarry isn’t in the
No duping of items or using glitches to exploit the server
Exploits and bugs, should be reported to staff members, and will be rewarded accordingly
Looting is not allowed (Strongboxes can be used to restrict who can access your stuff)
Your are responsible for your own items.

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