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Dragon Killers Infinity Server


Brand new FTB Infinity server.
24/7 up-time, hosted by a reliable hosting company (BeastNode)
Extremely experienced owners and Admins that all have experience hosting multiple servers going back as far as Minecraft alpha.
Running FTB's expert mode, extreme end-game goals in this mode including crafting creative energy cells and liquid tanks. But progress through the mods is considerably harder.
Re-balanced RFTools mod to allow for marginally easier progression to large-scale storage, protection and basic base defence mechanisms without breaking the progression of expert mode.
PVP is ON, griefing is NOT (we have the grief prevention plugin)
Fair banned item lists with valid reasons for banning each item, if you want an item un-banned and can find a fix for the "problem" it causes we'll implement it asap.
If you report a dupe that hadn't already be caught, we'll reward you (and don't worry, we're generous)
Website 'Coming Soon'


Be Respectful
No griefing
No stealing
No spawn-killing
No cheating/Duping/Hacking
Do not ask staff for items
Do not beg other players for items
Do not ask staff for ranks (including donator ranks, mod, etc.)

Banned Items/features:
RFTools dimensions cannot be crated without an "owner card" an extremely limited number of these will be handed out to exceptional players and top-tier donators. (donations system is 'coming soon').
Mystcraft dimension creation is disabled.

Railcraft world anchors are enabled but not cannot be automated, the duration is reduced to just over 1 hour. I'd like to see a setup which automates extending this (it's possible but can be VERY complex).

Mana lens: bore (bypasses protection)
items used for mystcraft dimension creation (consumes massive server storage and causes lag)
poppet shelf (Chunkloader, causes lag)
All 6 types of "imbued Fire" (causes massive lag and bypasses protection)
All types of turtle (general server TPS lag and can bypass protection)
Arcane bore, both parts (bypasses protection and can cause crashes)
mining laser (bypasses protection and can cause crashes)
weather Controller, Sun Dial (controls weather and time)
Block Container (bypasses protction, dupes)
all frame motors (Server TPS lag when used excessively)
Builder Block (bypasses protection, can cause server crashes, looking for a solution as this is super useful)
matter cannon (bypasses protection)
SPAMR launcher and both ammo (bypasses protection)
All chunkloaders besides Railcraft ones (explained above)
All 3 TC drawbridges (dupes and can be used to grief)
manastorm charge (does HUGE damage to unprotected areas)

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