This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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CraftiaNetworks Direwolf 20 1.5.2 Public Server!

Server's IP:

Server Rules:

No Abusve Language against staff or other players
Dont spam the chat
Dont advertise other servers
Dont Abuse the IC2 Mod
Dont constantly swear at other players
Use Common Sense

Banned Item's

Nuclear Reactors
Nuclear Chambers
Mining Laser
Mining Turtle
Gravity Gun
Portal Guns

About The Direwolf20 Server:

Our server is dedicated towards keeping our players happy, we are daily updating our server to make it as fun and the best enjoyable experiece possible for our players,our server is a faction member, so this means you can create a small little clan to claim area with and show other players your a team that are dedicated and working together simply using the command /f create to show what kind of faction you are!

Work together, and fight off the mobs at night and raid other bases! Find those awesome items! Claim the land and take control of other bases

The servers difficulty level is "Normal" which means their is no extra hard mode!

Server Specs: We run on a dedicated machine, using 6 gigs of dedicated ram, and we have 75 to 100 slots running on a intel Xeon processor @ 3.00 ghz.


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