This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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The Nameless Community Ultimate server


An Australian-hosted FTB Ultimate server!

The following mods are disabled so make sure you turn them off in the launcher:

-Extrabiomes (Huge ass ugly trees)

-Flatbedrock (Girls need some curve)

-GraviGun (It's annoying for PvP)

-Omnitools (Glitched with safes)

-PortalGun (Lol, no)

-All voxel mods (Can be used for cheating in PvP)

As stated above, PvP is allowed. No rules. You should build discretely...
Raided? Get your stuff back! Stolen? Get it back! Backstabbed? Plot revenge!

Here are some guidelines below. If you don't follow them then it's on your head if you're kicked. (Mods and admins are free to kick you but need a reason to ban)

-Do not spam the chat with complaints.

-Do not donate and expect a perk -- your perk is playing on this server.

-Do not annoy the staff, they can kick without a reason (It's nice to have one though, guys, and a warning. Staff are not obliged to do so but again, it's nice to do)

More guidelines will come in time when issues arise.

P.S: I am accepting moderators and admin applications. Chat with me on Skype: Jarate4

P.S.S: You'll have a better chance of getting in if you provide me with a banner. :3

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