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TechniQuest - Direwolf



FTB Direwolf20 pack - MystCraft is not banned!

Version 1.0.14 (Recommended)

About the the server!

Here at Techniquest we strive to create a unique experience for each and every player.

We have added numerous plugins which are all coded to work with the Direwolf modpack. If you wish to play alone then you can use grief prevention to claim an area for yourself to live in. However if you are a town person then you can create/join an aspiring town!

To create goals for the server and players we have added Mcmmo, it has been revamped to make sure that you level at a moderate pace to increase replayability. We have also added all the axes and bows to the mcmmo tools list so that they gain XP for you! Currently however there is a bug in the code which stops the rest of the new tools working :/ We are working around the clock to fix this however.

We have also added another plugin to help make this server unique, Shopkeepers.

This plugin allows you to create or hire a shopkeeper, with this villager shopkeeper you can set what is for sale and for its price (Our currency is Industrial Credits). This credits can be cashed in or bought in the town bank which can be found by using /warp bank or by looking for it. We feel by adding a physical currency it makes it feel more realistic.

However one of our key points is that we have NO Banned items. A few are restricted for donators and higher ranks but the majority can be used by people in the mining world. The reason for this is that the mining world is reset every week or so. Thus any damage made by the grief tools is replaced. I recommend not living in the mining world. To get to the warp for the mining world use /warp portals

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Server Info:
E3 quad core 3.2Ghz quad core
HDD SATA 3 6Gbps 2x 500GB

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