This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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HeavenlyFTB |1.4.7|Ultimate pack|24/7|No Lagg|No w


Hello everyone, we all welcome you to our new beta server HeavenlyFTB from the makers of HeavenlyMC.

We only have 3 staff members so if you show activity dedication and passion we will recruit you automatically.
This is a Feed the beast server without any banned items, meaning you can use everything! But because of that we check everything and if you use the items for griefing etc, you will be instantly banned. No tolerance!
Also, afcourse.. No exploiting bugs and/or using hacks to get an unfair advantage over other players. This won't make it fun for them will it?

We are still adding plugins to improve it for the players.

Sorry for this but now we have banned the Portal and Gravity gun. Due to mayor griefs. Moon portals and other crap. Also banned the Canvas Bag due to dupe glitch.

We have a player-friendly play style. Respect and threat other people as you want to be threaten. We won't restrict you to anything, just make sure you follow the rules and respect other players.

Respect the staff.
No exploiting bugs
No hacking/cheating
No griefing
Respect other players
No stealing
No raiding

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