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Welcome to Darks-Craft! We are a 24/7, whitelisted, MindCrack modpack server looking to grow a strong community. We are based off of The MindCrack and HermitCraft servers. We don't tolerate griefers, or raiders. You must fill out an application to join. Copy the application format below and email it to to apply.

Copy this please and make sure to fill it out!

Why should I whitelist you?-
Tell us about yourself.-
Are you interested in pranks?(Give us an example of a kind of prank)-
Are you interested in Death Games?-
Skype(Not required)-
Do you record YouTuve videos?(Not required)-
Have you ever been banned from any other server? Why?-

Give us 5 minutes prior to accepting your email (If accepted) to add you to the whitelist
You will get an email within 2 days (Or sooner) of sending us one
Even if you are not accepted you will stull get an email why

There will be more information in an accepted application email prior to joining the server for the first time. Please read that email to know hwo things work here on Darks-Craft!

Thanks for applying,

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