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Welcome to Lanstaf !

We are Friendly players who were looking for a server without a lot of banned items or restricted ones. Wich was really hard to find without donating and such!

So we decided to have our own server and try and minimize the restricions and banning of items!

We use the Direwolf20 Modpack with a few extra mods:




Infernal Mobs

Ender IO

How do you add these mods you ask ? This is how !

Download FTB Launcher install Direwolf20 version 1.0.14

Download the following file to your Direwolf20 folder (which usually is FTBFOLDER\Direwolf20_1_6_4) and extract!

More info can be found on our website:

The server is whitelisted so make sure to post an application on our website forum!

The few things that are banned are:


Chunck loaders

spot loader


world anchor

The restricted items are :

Personal anchor

Steve's cart chunk loader

The restricted items will be available when you reach a certain rank,

The ranks are:

Miner ( Default)

Engineer ( After a few weeks, or a lot of playtime Here you will be able to use Anchor and steve's cart chunkloader)

Agent ( in case the server is to big for us to manage allone)

Architect ( when you deserve it)

In order to keep our server fun and friendly we have a few simple rules !

No destroying buildings Whatsoever !

If you find an unlocked chest outside of a claimed area you are allowed to take the stuff in it !

If you find an unlocked inventory outside of a claimed area you are allowed to take the stuff in it !

No hacks !

No spam !

No refunds !

No complaining !

No strip mining in the overworld we have a mining age for that!

No quarrying or large turtle holes again we have a mining Age for that !

These tems and conditions are sublect to change at any given time without notice!

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