This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Mindcrack Modpack No Whitelist


This server is the Mindcrack Modpack
Speak English in the chat (or spanish to xt3hc) because none of the other admins speak anything else other then irish.
No whitelist.
Hey, Me and a couple of friends decided that after our favourite server got closed down we were going to try make our own, So here it is QuantumCraft, Featuring only 1 banned mod, Mystcraft and you can get access with Donations

Rules:Are on the server (Dont worry only stuff like No Racism)

This is a Survival Griefing Server So dont go around complaining about being griefed or being killed If u die go and kill/tnt them and then kill them again

Staff: Owners:Xt3hc and Mrs_Xt3hc Co-Owner:Stonebreaker87 and Unhackableispuff

We are still looking for some staff but dont go on to the server and say can i be op because i promise the answear is no.You can get op by playing on the server for a while.

See you there,Stonebreaker87

IP =

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