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Play on Bedcraft; join the community!

Bedcraft has been running since 2013 and has been continuously optimized for gameplay quality. We prioritize quality over quantity. We've invested years into this server to ensure there is no lag or griefing, utilizing several custom-made plugins and mods designed for this purpose.


Join and prove us wrong.

What servers do we have?

Tekkit Classic (MC 1.2.5):

This is the original modpack, the one that started them all. The server built for this modpack includes most of our custom plugins specifically recreated to work with this server in mind. There is absolutely minimal items banned / functions disabled.

FTB Ultimate Classic (MC 1.4.7):

This modpack is a classic by definition. It's the modpack that FTB has tried to recreate three times already (FTB Resurrection, FTB Ultimate Reloaded, FTB Ultimate: Anniversary Edition), but unfortunately, neither of the packs could do it justice.
FTB Ultimate is a very tech-based pack, being one of the first modpacks to introduce 'Gregtech' and forever changed how Minecraft modpacks are. It's as revolutionary as Tekkit Classic.

FTB Ultimate Expert (MC 1.4.7):

This server uses the FTB Ultimate (1.4.7) modpack, but several things have been changed in-game to make it a little bit more challenging. Unlike the normal Ultimate server, this one doesn't reset ever, so you can play it over a long period of time.

The server has been completely re-configured, but is completely playable with the standard FTB Ultimate client. All of the details regarding the changes are shown in-game, at spawn. There's a lot...

FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock (MC 1.7.10):

The expert modpack that started them all! This FTB modpack provides a lengthy and sensible progression, which is not grindy. Play all the greatest 1.7.10 mods and ultimately beat this beast of a modpack by crafting creative items!
We put extra effort into this server to make it fun and stable, creating custom mods and fixes to ensure a stable playthrough for everyone.

Whitelisted community servers

We host "unofficial" whitelist servers for community members. These servers are usually not up to our quality standards for public servers but offer a place for the community to play other modpacks together. They usually have minimal changes to the original modpack, offering a true-to-the-core SMP experience.

Join our Discord

Join our Discord server to get in contact with us and the community. We also offer additional information like install instructions or modpack guides.
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"java lang index out of bounds exception index 25 size 5 minecraft" all the mods 6 I get this message when I want to enter the server
Posted 25th Feb 2022
This is by far the best server I have ever played on. You really notice this server has been running for many years and a lot of effort has been put in.

This server has taken Ultimate on a whole new level. With their custom plugins they have added a prestige and an achievement system. Basically, every reset you need to craft all major endgame items and will be granted with a prestige point, which you can spend to make things easier for you in the next playthrough. (Offline chunkloading, Thaumcraft research, Mass Fabricator, etc.) Effectively giving Ultimate a goal to work towards.

The server is running TickThreading, making it insanely performant. I have been a member of this server for about a year now, and I can’t think of a situation where the server had less than 20 TPS. I even tried to purposely bring the performance down by flying around in the world, etc., but it’s just impossible. There are people building insane massive factories like 128 fusion reactors producing 10 million UU-Matter a day. And even that can’t bring the servers performance down. This performance is unheard of in newer versions of Minecraft.

I can’t go back to play Ultimate any other way than on this server. It is so much more fun than in Singleplayer.
Posted 26th Jan 2022
Nice server, with a good community !
Posted 28th May 2021
Amazing server, great staff very accommodating. multiple modpacks all of which are great, many custom plugins and unique features.

Highly recommend.
Posted 17th May 2021
relly good server fun and nice player
Posted 19th Feb 2021
Amazing server. Played here for years since I was a child I'm now 18.

I joined back and the admins recognised me straight away, and by my name, it's small things like this that make you appreciate the server and it's staff.

The server has heavily improved since new ownership which I didn't think possible as it was already amazing.

You guys are doing an amazing job, and we all appreciate you large amounts for keeping this community & memories alive.
Posted 4th Feb 2021
Good server. New stuff is added even for old modpacks from 2014. This is the best FTB Ultimate server there is.
Posted 31st Dec 2020
This server has caring staff and a community of friendly people. It gets quiet sometimes, but it's got very few banned items and has the best play experience of any FTB Ultimate server I've ever played on. They keep adding new servers too, so there's always something different to try!

PS the guy who said it's pay2win is just mad because he spent all his money on genshin trying to get waifus :<
Posted 29th Oct 2020
pay to win server, 50 eur for chunkloader, landmarks require donation ranks...
The server replied:
Hello, chunk loaders themselves put a lot of strain on the server; and they are given out for free regularly.. you can get a chunk loader from the prestige shop (obtainable in game etc), we give world anchors out for voting etc. The chunk loader you were referring to is actually 35 euro's, and you get to keep the placement FOREVER. The Ultimate server has been going for 8 years now, and people who donated for things in game 8 years ago still have them. Donations aren't a requirement, and we do not beg for them on this server. Please don't make us out to be just like the rest of the money grabbing servers on this game.

I'm sorry that you didn't like the server. Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
Posted 26th Oct 2020
The best FTB Ultimate server out there. With a very nice Community aswell.
Posted 4th Oct 2020
After some downtime, due to the last server owner just disappearing, the new owner DesNinja got the Hardware himself and is now the running the server on his own better than ever. Staff is great, always helps you out if you need it. DesNinja and Staff is working hard to get even more Servers online for the Bedcraft community. They are even writing the Code themselfs, fixing bugs and prevent griefing, even if they have to recode a whole mod.

Im looking forward to meet new guys playing with us, since i'm on Bedcraft for many many years already.
Posted 4th Oct 2020
This server has the potential to be great again. But the admin staff is garbage and bans people for speaking out against them. Meanwhile they call this modpack old and outdated and dont care at all or even play on the server.
The server replied:
Just thought I'd let you know that the server is under different management now, and is actually back to some form of it's old glory. Community is thriving and improvements are being made on a monthly basis. I think you'd like the changes if you decided to join back to have a look. :^)
Posted 28th Jan 2020
when do we get to know, when the server will be restarted?
Posted 22nd Mar 2019
Really great FTB Ultimate server.

Staff is active and friendly and will always help you if you ask for help.

Many servers claim to acheive 20 tps but can't hold their promise, but Bedcraft acheives this without any problem.

Overall a nice community and people are always nice to eachother and don't mind helping out.
Posted 13th Feb 2018
Great server, play on it a long time ago, its really good ! +rep
Posted 20th Jan 2018
The FTB Ultimate experience, if you ask me there is no other way to play on an FTB Ultimate server.

There are practically no banned items as any bugs have been actually fixed and not simply banned.

Server always has a constant 20 TPS, this is something all servers claim to have but don't always achieve. Bedcraft achieves this with a breeze.

The staff are actually trained and have to earn their ranks, this makes for staff that don't abuse powers that they are given.

There is a very nice community on the whole server and most players are trustworthy.

Overall my experience on Bedcraft has been beyond anything any other server has been able to give me and I will continue to play on Bedcraft for as long as I can.
Posted 30th Dec 2017
Been on the server for 4-5 years and it'd been dead for a while and now it shut down.. GG had fun!
The server replied:
Hello, it was never shut down OFFICIALLY, there was just some complications with the previous owner, it's back and running for good now; under different management. Why don't you join and have a look yourself? That'll give you a chance to see all of the new changes we've implemented to our FTB Ultimate server to make it better than ever.
Posted 17th Nov 2017
what happened to the server :(( why its offline all the time
Posted 13th Nov 2017
played the server for several years. recently bought the highest donor rank (Over $180USD MIND YOU) and now a week later the server is dead and no staff can be reached
The server replied:
Hello, it was never shut down OFFICIALLY, there was just some complications with the previous owner, it's back and running for good now; under different management. Why don't you join and have a look yourself? That'll give you a chance to see all of the new changes we've implemented to our FTB Ultimate server to make it better than ever.

Can you give me your IGN so I can sort your rank out? Thanks! :)
Posted 31st Oct 2017
This server has 0 staff online at any given moment, no way of getting a hold of them and it seems to me like they do not give a single **** about players if they are in need. Donation prices are way too high, cant have a maxsize quarry without donating either. and with the downtime lately ( offline for 2 weeks, and then online for 1 hour, and back to offline) my patience has run out.

The server replied:
Hello, I would like to note that quarry placements aren't limited, and you don't need to donate to have a maxed out quarry; place as many as you desire, not only in the Twilight though, but also all other worlds (including Mystcraft).

There is always staff online these days, but generally we can be reached on the Discord very easily if there's an issue.

I would love it if you came back and joined the server to see how it is these days. :)
Posted 30th Oct 2017
Very nice server eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Posted 31st Jul 2017
0 lag. All plugins needed. The perfect server for ftb ultimate, a complete 10/10 ;)
Posted 18th Jul 2017
Great server, has some changes in the works so there was a little uptime loss. Recently reset and everyone is excited and getting built up again.
Posted 24th Jun 2017
Tired of players being able to grief a claimed zoned, would say staff is awful, but what staff. Definitely if you play this server don't pay for anything, not worth a penny if it can't be maintained or controlled by staff periodically. Hope this server burns in a pit of hot garbage where it belongs.
Posted 17th Jun 2017
This is an asome server with the best community and Staff, had a great time playing here when i did. We played as a server not only I. Its sad that the server is dying becouse of the mod even tho its my favorite mod. Would follow this server even if it swaped mod. The owner who i got to speak to one time was great and had dident have a problem to have fun and fool around abit! <3 10/10
Posted 10th May 2017