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Welcome to RiksRealm!

We are in desperate need of staff! Apply here

Mods Needed for RiksRealm

Forge: Get the 1.7.10 Recommended version

Pixelmon: Get pixelmon version 3.5.1

Here at RiksRealm we strive for a friendly environment where all players will feel welcomed! We have some of the best staff out there who are always willing to help you, the staff are in all different timezones and if there isn’t a staff on in your timezone feel free to apply here! We offer a 100% lag free environment with a few custom plugins like our menus!
Server features:

Rikxelmon RiksRealm:

Rikxelmon 1.0 is an over powered Pixelmon server! WonderTrade is stock full of shinies and Pokèmon that range from level 1 to 35! Ranks that are available to all using /rankup, the ranks include kits, commands and other cool perks! The shop has all but a few items in it and can be accessed via /shop. A custom made menu just for your convenience! World border spanning 14,000 blocks so feel free to explore! Gyms that are accessible using /gyms with gym leaders for each one, simply arrange a battle with a gym leader and challenge the gym! Randomly teleport around the world using /rtp. Weekly drop parties and epic loot parties not to mention the shiny parties! Don't worry about your items, you keep your inventory on death so there are no pesky surprises that will leave you itemless. Food is no problem either, we have the server set on peaceful just for your convenience! Worried about pesky griefers? Worry no more as we have a top of the line grief prevention plugin called, Grief Prevention also known as the golden shovel plugin! Join Now!

Offtopic? Whats a pixelmon server doing on this list?
Posted 4th Sep 2016