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SaviorCraft FTB Infinity


Digibox FTB Infinity server – We are a new server looking for players. Do like to play FTB infinity with other players? Then you should be right here with us! We offer you

the best pure vanila modpack experiense with fully destructible enviroments (yes griefing is allowed as long as you obide by other chat and no spam rules and so on. The

server is 24/7 and is practically buletproof. any attacks will just get mitigated and atacker will probbaly just waste time. Even though griefing rule is not enforced we

strive to provide friendly gaming community any hatefull comments directed to absolutly ANYONE on server, or advertising or spam will result in immidiate ban without require

to give reason. No hate racism rl threats or any personal attacks. The highest server plan will make sure that your best gaming moments will not go interupted.
**I will consider any improvements that members will sujest but again thay will be under strict consideration, same with staff aplication. You dont choose staff, We choose


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