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GCraft Infinity Evolved Expert


We are a fun,friendly community that is always expanding. We are running on a dedicated server with an Intel Xeon CPU E3-1245 V2 running at 3.4ghz with 8 cores, 32gb of ram, and 2 2tb HDD's running in raid so we can easily handle anything you can throw at us.

The Infinity Evolved modpack has tons of mods for you to enjoy and explore. In addition to this we have multiple plugins to enhance your gameplay and protect your items to the highest degree. This community has been together for over a year now and we are here to stay, so you can be sure you won't have to find a new server anytime soon.

We really don't have that many rules, but here is a list of the few we have.

Be respectful to others
Do not steal or grief others
Do not exploit any potential bugs

Anything else?
Oh right, currently we do not have any bans!

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