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The rTr Community is now hosting a Private Server! The server is 18+ (with exceptions) and the main rule is to respect each other and have fun. So if you're into discovering hidden magical secrets, constructing factories, making the most awe-inspiring builds with an active mature community, this is the place for you!


Voice Server IP

  1. No griefing, duping, hacking, or exploiting.
  2. No mechanical mining in the Overworld.
  3. All players MUST use TS.
  4. Please use respectful speech. No sexist, racist or offensive speech is permitted.
  5. One mechanical mining apparatus per person/per group.
  6. Consensual PVP only!
  7. Avoid creating visual diarrhea, ie: Floating trees, creeper holes, and 1x1 towers of materials.
  8. If you have a dispute, please keep it private. If it cannot be resolved, contact an Admin/Mod.
  9. Have fun!

Please post your:
Reason you would like to join
... In this Forum.

Please follow this link to fully apply to our White-list.

You will be notified once you have been accepted by your provided email. This process takes up to 24 hours, and possibly instantly.

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