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Welcome fellow Minecraft users! Welcome to a server that does what most are afraid to do! We're the Unlimited Clan Gaming Community, opening our new server. To give our community a little history; we're a long time roleplay community, we've been roleplaying in Minecraft since the stone age. Now we've decided to expand our views and we're opening up a factions PvP server, but that's not all. For those of you interested in the murdering of innocent, hate filled people that want to rip out your soul, we've got a place for that. For the people that wish to have some fun roleplaying, we've got a place for that also. And if that is not enough for you, all of our worlds feature full FEED THE BEAST ULTIMATE support!


Ventrillo information:

Port: 8225

Important Links!

Feed the Beast launcher: http://feed-the-beas...ownload_wrapper

Unlimited Clan's website:

Faction World Rules:

  1. Do not use hacked clients.

  2. No racism.

  3. Treat others with respect.

  4. Cursing is allowed, with moderation.

  5. PvP is allowed, don't whine about getting killed.

  6. Greifing and Raiding is allowed.

  7. Do not spawn camp.

  8. Respect all staff.

  9. Don't spam chat.

  10. Don't ask for promotions or creative mode.

Roleplay World Rules:

  1. Stay in character.

  2. No metagaming.

  3. No powergaming.

  4. PvP is permitted with proper roleplay.

  5. No griefing.

  6. Cursing is allowed, with moderation.

  7. Stick to the theme.

List of worlds we currently support:

  1. Factions PvP World

  2. Roleplay World

  3. Games World (Featuring Spleef, MobArena and much more!)

How the server will work:

Our server will have a spawn world in which all players will spawn in, then you will have a choice, whether you wish to join our factions world, roleplay world or games world! We've got a very good but broad theme for the roleplay portion of our servers and a very fun world to work with for the factions world. Our server fully supports and utilized the Feed the Beast Ultimate Pack so the launcher for that will be necessary.

The Factions World:

The factions world for our server will be featuring a large, untamed world ready to be conquered by the various factions soon to rise. Fight or work together with other factions, kill and slaughter your foes in this blood splattered land. Have no remorse and show no mercy!

The Roleplay World:

The roleplay world has a very simple concept, you are the survivors of a colony ship that has crashed into an unknown planet. Your goal is to survive and prosper on an unknown and very hostile world. You spawn in a crashed ship and you must work together with your peers, friends and if necessary, your enemies to survive.

How to Enter our Server:

We've tried to make our whitelist process as simple and painless as possible for the factions world, but still keeping a semblance of strictness for the roleplay world. If you wish to only play on the factions world you will have to complete an extremely small and short application to show that you have the basic knowledge of the English language. The roleplay whitelist application on the other hand is much more complex and will take a little time. Note that by completing the roleplay application, you gain access to the factions world as well but not vice versa.

Roleplay whitelist application:


Username -

Age -

How you found out about us -

Previous roleplay experience -


Name -

Age -

Personality -

Biography (Must be at least 250 words) -

Staff Team:

Our staff team take pride in our servers, they only want our players to be in a fun and safe environment. Now, that does means that they have to step in from time to time to regulate and enforce our rules.

Admins: Larttyler, Dragons5439

Moderators: Fatesguard, Jelly, Jefies, MrFunEGUY

Donator Info:

To Be Announced!

Special Thanks To:

Kuloko and Noland - For creating the Minecraft Forum post and editing it to perfection.

The Build Team - For donating their personal time in the building and creating of our map.

Epicquin - Special thanks for helping us with the donator info and for being all around awesome!

Noland and LordAmmar - For being early donators and funding the beginning of a new generation.

Falzarr: For coming up with our server's name.

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