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[ADS]FTB Direwolf20 1.4.1


welcome to ADS(Another DireServer)! To start off, nothing will be banned! i feel banning items and other gameplay mechanics ruins the experience.

The server is running Cauldron so mystcraft will unfortunately be disabled due to logic conflicts between each other.
The server is being hosted on my gaming computer which will be upgraded in the future for more ram!

Me and a friend has done tests to stress the server and so far, literally nothing has been able to lag it so, i guess no lag!

Intel core i5 4690k @4.7GHz
1TB hdd and 256GB ssd(ssd is where the server is located)
8GBs 1333Mhz ram, which in june will be upgraded to 16GBs to reduce interference with background applications!

my rules are, just be chill, no need to go griefing/raiding everyone you can think of lol

The plugins i am currently using are Essentials, Prism, and some others! but do not worry, the plugins do not ban any items, i will have a plugin for that tho for items that DO crash the server.

Anywho, i hope to see some wonderful people on! :D

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