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Magic World 2 - WavesCraft

^-^ The Trio
My Thaumcraft Basement
Huge Waveforce
Huge tree for Huge Waveforce

Magic World 2! WavesCraft

Live in the Wild. Do whatever you want! Live by no ones rules. No restrictions!
Protect your stuff with "Towny" And protect your Life with your Sword.(or wand)

We understand that not everyone has the best computers and have to revert to older mod packs. So despite the lack of popularity with this modpack due to how outdated it is. We keep it running. The Only Public Magicworld2 Server in existence. To our knowledge.

This server has been running for 2 years now. and we are not going anywhere soon. We just started a fresh new world after 2 years and are happy to announce it to everyone. We are a small friendly community running Towney for a neutral way to claim land. If that sounds appealing then Join Us. We look forward to seeing you.

We hope to see you there. @

Good admin but some morron who are not clement
Posted 16th Feb 2017