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M&M Craft FTB Server


Welcome To M&M Craft FTB Server
Have you ever joined a server where you get constant lag, to many banned items, and so many rules that ruin the game....well don't expect that here! Our server is hosted with 10 GB of Ram and a powerful CPU to keep up with your FTB game play needs. As far as banned items...well we don't have any as of now (until we find a need to ban some items) so lets not do that:), and rules well we only have 5 basic rules that will help you enjoy the server better. If there is anything you need feel free to contact either owners(MarkandMatt, MysteryAvatar) or simply just post your concern on the forum. As far as joining the server the IP is down below as well as the rules, hope to see you playing alongside us soon.

1) No Duplicating or exploit of any glitch
2) Don't abuse your rank
3) No Hacking or use of a Hacked client
4) No Intentional crashing of the server
5) Be Respectful!

-M&M Craft Staff

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