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everyone I would like to tell you alittle bit about our server today. We are a FTB (FeedTheBeast) Unleashed Server Running MCPC+ and non Greif/non raid with many great plugins to ensure your stay on our server is as fun and enjoyable as possible some of the plugins are:
GreifPrevention , Lockette , ChestShop , BedCraftGP and many more. We also have really cool features to make you have alot of fun like a Casino , ChestShops , ME systems don't require power
and a few minigames and much much more!!!!!!.(: Although we are open to suggestions and we are still improving each and every day and We Enjoy Everyone and would appreciate
donations to keep the server up so many other people can enjoy the wonderful experience our staff team have worked so hard to perfect and so we can upgrade to you lag free!!!!. The specs of out server are 1GBPS
Ulink with 160 MBPS DDOS Protection with 3 GBS of ram and are a 24/7 E5 Server.Not only do we pride ourselfs on building nice buildings and offer minimal lag with a good experience , But we also spent hours patching and looking for patching plugins to have as little banned items as possible but we do have some limitations to some items to ensure the safety of our community.
Now before you say oh this server is really small lets find a different one if everyone says that then we will never be able to grow and
hopefully add different modpacks to our Network and as always have nice day

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