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Nova Network!


Nova network is modded minecraft public community server network.
We offer an extensive list of fun features such as economy, rewarding ranks, kits, etc...
Dedicated hardware, we want to give you the best server experience yet!

Currently, the network runs three servers. (Below is the list)

Lobby =
1.12.2 Voltz =
Custom pack =


                                                ![STILL HAVE QUESTION??](

If you still have questions or want to see what Nova Network is all about first hand. We invite you to join our discord and chat with the community, ask all the questions you need and get to know us. We want to make everyones modded minecraft experience the best one you have ever had.

Join our Discord here today @
Feel free to join our website and share your thoughts and opinions with the network!

Man this server is a really great one. The server owner and his staff make sure that everything runs a smooth as possible to prevent all the lag. items banned are so little because the only ones that are banned are ones that are to overpowered or are use to duplicate items. all in all such a great server
Posted 17th Jul 2019