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Nova Network

Nova Network


Nova Network exists today because of the strong belief that modded Minecraft can be for everyone.
Whether you never used a mod before, or you are a skilled player when it comes to modpacks, we strive to combine a little of everything for everyone while still keeping it simple for those who are new and giving new challenges to those skilled and bridging the two together.

Our custom pack "Nova Academy," will expand the horizon for all, with hundreds of quests and our amazing balance between pve, pvp, adventure, magic, tech, genetics, and vast exploration.

What makes Nova #1 is our communitys dedication and commitment to making a network that is exciting and fulfilling to everyone.

Man this server is a really great one. The server owner and his staff make sure that everything runs a smooth as possible to prevent all the lag. items banned are so little because the only ones that are banned are ones that are to overpowered or are use to duplicate items. all in all such a great server
Posted 17th Jul 2019