This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Feed The Gabin: Custom FTB Youtuber Server


The ip above is not real we will give you the ip once we accept you to the server.

Hey guys, i recently made a custom Modpack for my friends on the community server that is a mix between all of the popular modpacks like Feed the Bteam,Horizons, and the Crack Pack. Unfortunately, none of them seem to be interested in playing it, I have done a lot of work on this pack so I really want more people to play it.

It is a private youtuber only(with a few exceptions) server.

There are teams of 2-3, at least one of those people has to have a regularly posting youtube channel
-You have to be at least 14
-You CANNOT be annoying
-You have to be able to take a joke
-You have to be able to deal with dying since it is a PVP Youtuber server(but we are nicer and consider your stuff more than normal PVP servers)

Advantages of this server:
-Little to no server lag with no mods disabled(even running 166 mods, the server keeps up and never lags)
-You can give your input as long as its constructive
-There is a point system(in which you gain points for being alive, killing, and capturing the capture point and lose points for dying)
-Your channel will grow as the views and likes start rolling in

If you are accepted we will message you and we will add you to our skype group,but do not spam us or we will most likely ignore you...

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