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LemnisGate Regrowth 0.7.4 | World of Terra


Currently in the latter end of beta testing, the World of Terra is a Regrowth ver. 0.7.4 server within the LemnisGate Servers umbrella.

LemnisGate staff work to maintain a happy, fun community, minimal lag, and good behaviour. As we work out the bugs in Regrowth 0.7.4, we hope to catch the eye of skilled Regrowth players such as yourself and stand out from other servers.

Regrowth is a quest-driven modpack which in the early game centers strongly on Botania and farming. Passive mobs do not spawn on their own, no plants or trees grow spontaneously, and there are no ores underground -- what to do to work around this obstacle?

If you are interested in joining the whitelist beta, please contact us at with your ingame name and why you'd like to play on our server.

Thank you,

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