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Tweaked Twisted Realms Server

pin_drop (private server)


whitelisted, 24/7, 4G RAM, Hosted in France

This server is brand new, it just launched about 1 hour before I made this post. For the first week or so it will be a normal server, but after this week we will pick a certain day to announce that raiding, greifing and pvp are fair game. We are a fair sized community with a skype chat and we ask that you join it and be available for updates and information. We've done this in the past with other packs and it's much less of an idiot-fest and much more of a fun group of people that like the excitement of a more hardcore modded minecraft experience. 3 admins are online or on skype around the clock. All additional downloads and any help needed to get the pack running will be available on skype or over pm.

Add me on skype at pretty.much.aleck to be whitelisted, or for an more info you need. Invite your friends, be part of our skype community.

<b>Pack Tweaks -</b>

Removed: mystcraft, enchanting plus, big reactors, treecapitator, galacticraft, galaxy space, micdoodle core

Added: hunger overhaul, redstone armory, redstone arsenal, witching gadgets, thaumic horizons, the erebus, ftbutilities

<b>Mod Tweaks -</b>

Removed spectre key, removed digiminer, removed angel wings, removed nutrition ring, changed skeletal armour recipe, ars magicka dig spell disabled

<b>Rules -</b>

PVP/Raid/Grief will be allowed in about a week from now, we will make a big announcement when the server becomes a free for all.

Please keep teams smaller than groups of 4

No spawn camping

Do not steal blocks from spawn

Do not abuse bugs and glitches (if you report them, we will attempt to fix them and you will be rewarded)

Don’t build lag machines

Keep a sign with your name on it in a visible location in your base. If you have not amassed atleast 6 hours of online time (everybody can check this in ftbutilities tab) your base is not yet eligible to be raided. If no sign is visible, it’s fair game.

<b>General Information</b>

You should probably familiarize yourself with this

All dimensions have borders that may or may not be expanded when necessary

The End can be reset at any time by both players and admins, so it is advised that you do not build there

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